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Why Choose Lenscrafters?

Eye Care Convenience That Can’t Be Beat

lenscraftersWhen it’s time to purchase new eyewear, the services offered by LensCrafters is full of advantages. As the largest optical chain in the United States, LensCrafters excels in taking care of your eyes, no matter what you need. With years of experience since the foundation of LensCrafters in 1983, our office is fully equipped and part of a national retail chain for prescription eyewear and sunglasses. Providing superior customer service and convenience, we feature eyewear, eye care services and on-site labs all under one roof.

Affordable Eye Exams with Top Technology

In comparison to a private optometry practice, all of our eye care services are very affordable, with no compromise on quality. Our LensCrafters eye doctor will perform a comprehensive examination of your eyes, at a price to fit any budget. To ensure that your eye assessment is as accurate as can be, we use the exclusive Clarifye Eye Exam technology at LensCrafters locations. This revolutionary digital eye examination will literally give you an accurate prescription in minutes. This helps your LensCrafters eye doctor to make precise diagnoses of your eye health and personal vision needs. Clarifye is exclusive to LensCrafters, and highlights our optometry practices as leading providers of eye care services.

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Eyeglasses Ready in One Hour

When it comes to quick and efficient service, LensCrafters can’t be beat. With a cutting-edge laboratory located in the store, we will craft, treat, coat, finish and fit most eyeglass and sunglass lenses within approximately one hour. Our optical staff and equipment are first-rate, and we’ll ensure that you are fully satisfied with your eyewear. Much more reliable than conventional methods of fitting lenses, we utilize AccuFit Digital Measurement to create a lens fit with perfect precision. In the event of any damage or breaks, we also have an equipped lab for repairs.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in quality, convenience and friendly service, we invite you to join our LensCrafters eye care experience.

Please call for an appointment with our LensCrafters eye doctor, or visit our office!

Meet the Danbury Lenscrafters Team

Danbury Lenscrafters Team. Meet Michael our Manager. Ask him anything, he's always got time just for you!Michael – General Manager

Michael has over 15 years of management and customer service experience. His goal is for him and his team of eyewear consultants to assist you and make your experience at Lenscrafters as pleasant and memorable as possible. Experience the NEW Accufit Digital System. The most accurate and precise measeurement system to digitally align your lens with your frame to ensure functionable and fashionable eyewear.



Danbury Lenscrafters Team. Denise is the real mouse in the wheel, She's the one who gets all your Danbury eye glasses just right.Denise – Lab Manager and Licensed Optician

Denise and her team of lab technicians pride themselves in making quality eyewear to our patients. 90% of our glasses can be made in about an hour while never sacrificing quality. We try to exceed your expectations with every pair of glasses, whether single vision, progressive, prescription sunglasses, safety or children’s glasses.



For more information about technology used at our Danbury and Stamford offices:

  • Clarifye is the new digital eye exam from LensCrafters that's five times more accurate than previous examination tools.

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