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Dr. Wong on Ortho-k for Kids in Danbury, CT

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Put the Brakes on Myopia Progression!

is ortho-k the right fit for your teen?It’s a common story. Each year parents bring their nearsighted child for an eye exam and are dismayed to hear that the child’s vision prescription has gotten worse. New eyewear has to be purchased… again! And what does this mean about the future – will the child’s myopia (nearsightedness) continue to deteriorate annually? At Dr. Wong & Associates, we offer modern ortho-k lenses for kids as a solution that may work for your child. If you’re interested to hear more, book a consultation at our Danbury, CT, offices to schedule a visit for you and your child!

The Tale of Ortho-k

Orthokeratology may be billed in the United States as a revolutionary method of vision correction, yet the science behind it is far from new. In fact, the ancient Chinese used to sleep with little bags of sand resting on their eyes to help flatten their eyeballs and correct their vision! Translated literally, the term orthokeratology refers to a “straight cornea”, which defines the process simply. In sum, ortho-k lenses are worn while sleeping, and they flatten or reshape your cornea to correct refractive error. Removed upon awakening, the effects of ortho-k lenses remain during the daytime, giving people sharp vision without any eyewear.

In the 1960s, ortho-k lenses became available overseas, yet they were not approved for use in the US. These specialized lenses have already been in use for years in Europe, Australia and Asia. More recently though, superior gas permeable materials and advanced computer technologies, such as corneal topography, led to the design of an even better ortho-k product. Consequently, the FDA granted approval for Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) and overnight ortho-k lenses in the US, in 2002.

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Ortho-k & Nearsighted Adolescents

Eyeglasses and normal contact lenses provide clear vision, yet they don’t treat the heart of the problem. Think of eyewear as similar to a band-aid. As opposed to simply placing a band-aid over your tween’s vision condition, ortho-k treats the underlying problem of myopia. Children’s eyeballs grow in proportion to their bodies – and ortho-k slows down the vision changes that typically occur as eyes grow.

By wearing these specialized gas permeable contacts during sleep, your kid’s cornea is re-molded into a new shape. Studies published in the American Journal of Ophthalmology report that ortho-k is extremely effective and safe for kids. It’s the ideal, noninvasive way to treat pediatric nearsightedness.

Parents may worry that their young children aren’t mature enough to handle ortho-k lenses. Yet as eye doctors we have plenty of positive experience with kids and young adults using ortho-k in our Danbury eye care practice. In fact, in some cases, we have seen younger children take to the responsibility smoothly and seriously – with less complications from contacts than some of our “laid-back” teens and college students patients.

If your child is generally healthy and has nearsightedness that tests worse with each eye exam, he or she is probably a good candidate for ortho-k. We’ll examine your kid’s vision with a thorough eye exam in Danbury, CT, to determine ortho-k candidacy.

Contact Dr. Wong & Associates today to see if your child is a good fit for vision shaping lenses!

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