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Colored & Specialty Contacts

Color tinted contact lenses work with your natural eye color, enhancing the colored part of the eye. These lenses can intensify your natural eye color. For example, color enhancement contact lenses can add an aqua hue to your blue eyes or a bluish cast to you light green eyes.

If you’d like to go one step futher, opaque contact lenses can change the natural color of your eye – say from from brown to blue!

“Cosmetic” contacts can be lots of fun for people who need contacts and those that don’t wear any corrective eyewear. These zero-power contact lenses are tinted with a color placed onto the contact lens to enhance or change natural eye color or create a cool special effect such as cat eyes, team logos, etc.

Visit our eye clinics in Danbury, Connecticut and Stamford CTcontoday to check out all of the fun and fashionable options we have available. Our eye doctors can show you how to create a brand new look for yourself!

Keep reading for a primer on colored and specialty contact lenses.

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