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Why Contacts are Essential Gear for Teen Sports

Ready to get your “game face” on? Contact lenses are a great choice, especially if you play sports or love to do other high-energy (or high-velocity!) activities. Think about it — they don’t fall off, fog up or fall apart. Or maybe you just like the look of your game face in contacts. Either way, contact lenses offer a safe, healthy and comfortable option for correcting your eyesight while you’re on the run or just hanging out with friends.

Thinking about getting contacts or did you just get them? You’ll find everything you need to know and more in The Rookie Playbook.

Gold-medal-winning soccer star Heather O'Reilly teamed up with CooperVision to educate people involved in sports on the importance of healthy vision. Contacts give Heather the competitive edge she needs both on and off the field – listen to what she has to say about wearing contact lenses.

Do you want lenses, but your parents aren’t so sure?

Price ChartThat’s not surprising. Your parents need good information before they can say yes. Check out the Rookie Playbook for ideas on how to have the convo with the rents. Just remember . . .On average wearing contacts on a monthly replacement schedule might cost about $15 a month.

Wearing one-day contact lenses (the kind where you put in a fresh pair each time you wear them) costs a little bit less than $1/day—that’s less than the cost of downloading your favorite song (check out this fun cost comparison chart). So, if you play sports and wear them five times in a week plus game day, it would cost you about $6/week. Not a bad price for improving your performance!

*Costs based on average retail price for CooperVision products. Price will vary by practice and region. Fitting fee not included.


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