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Is My Teen Ready for Contacts?

There is no set age to start wearing contacts. Many eye care practitioners begin to encourage contact lens wear at age 11 to 14. The biggest issue is how responsible your child is. Do they have a mobile phone, laptop computer or access to the Internet? If they are good at managing these, they are likely to be responsible with their contact lenses. Do they drive? Do they turn out for sports or practice a musical instrument regularly and on their own initiative?

Teens who conduct themselves responsibly in these areas are good candidates for contact lenses.

Sometimes parents let their teen wear contact lenses for a trial period, so they can prove they are ready for the responsibility. If it doesn’t work out, your teen can always go back to wearing glasses and try contact lenses again later on. Occasional wear is also an option; 1 Day contact lenses are well suited to this.

Like eyeglasses, the cost of contact lenses varies widely, depending on the brand, the prescription and how often the lenses are replaced. You can always call your eye care practitioner and ask for a price range. Daily disposable contacts don’t require cleaning supplies or containers and usually cost about $1 per day, making them affordable for most people.


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