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Stamford Eye Doctor Offers Orthokeratology

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Parents do not always realize that if their child needs to wear glasses, it is not only an added expense, but it is actually a serious health concern. The most common reason children wear glasses is Myopia, also called nearsighted or farsighted. For many years optometrists were not too concerned with myopia. However, in recent years as the number of cases of myopia have skyrocketed (some even call myopia an epidemic), much research was done that shows a massive increase of risk for vision loss later in life if a child has myopia.

A child with myopia, whether they wear glasses or contact lenses, will see their myopia increase in severity into their early to late teen years. The higher the level of myopia, the greater risk of vision loss from diseases such as Glaucoma, Cataracts, Retinal Detachment, and Macular Degeneration. For example, a child with high myopia (over -7) will have 2100% increased risk of retinal detachment.

Our eye doctors in Stamford and Danbury provide an innovative treatment called Ortho K (also called orthokeratology and GVSS). This form of myopia control is considered the "gold standard" of myopia control effectively eliminating the risk from high myopia if started at a young enough age.

Ortho K contacts are worn during the night, and just like retainers for your teeth, they gently prevent the eye from changing shape. Because of its custom fit retainer like properties, the orthok contact lenses also leave your child with 2020 vision without the need for wearing glasses and contact lens during the day.

Our eye doctors in Stamford and Danbury are so passionate about the need for myopia control that we are offering OrthoK at a significant discount. For a limited time OrthoK fitting and lenses are available for $1249.

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